Part I The other day my wife stumbled across this excellent Soulwire post on making glitches in image files and asked if I could do the same thing with video. Without actually reading the blog post, I just said sure, no problem. Well, after actually reading the article, it turned out to be a little […]

While just randomly browsing through wonderfl yesterday, I came across this little actionscripted bayer filter that I really liked (the one you get when you click the button labelled ‘Bayer’, that is). Now, seeing as how I’ve been trying to learn some Pixel Bender coding lately (thanks to a little inspiration from Ralph Hauwert) I […]

Need some beeps, boops, or bops, to go with your UI or games? Here’s a quickie for you. Got the idea from my Making Waves post. Just mess around with the sliders (or choose a preset), press ‘play’ to preview the sound, and ‘save’ to save the sound locally as a .wav file. There’s a […]

Included in the Flex 4.0 SDK and the, just released, Flash Professional CS5 lies a new hidden little gem of a class: flashx.undo.UndoManager (although the Flex 4.0 SDK’s been out for awhile, I have to admit I didn’t even notice this until I installed Flash CS5 and started poking around the documentation looking for new […]

Earlier today, Dave Gillem posted a link on Facebook to an incredible Processing based drawing application. Thought I’d have a go at reproducing something similar in Flash. Well, I failed miserably, but the results were still interesting enough to check out. You can play around with it below. Just mouse down to draw in the […]

Playing around a bit more with the animated JiglibFlash terrain idea from my last post, I wanted to see how it would work in conjunction with a webcam. So, needless to say, you’ll need a webcam to check out the results below. [kml_flashembed publishmethod=”static” fversion=”10.0.0″ movie=”http://blog.onebyonedesign.com/wp-content/up

Well another FITC Amsterdam has come and gone and left its indelible mark of energy and inspiration. Thought I’d share a bit of what went on, however I’m writing this from a teensy laptop that came with the flat I’m staying in. It was a much appreciated gesture, but is not very conducive to typing, so this will […]

Ordinarily I limit my posts about Flash here to its usage and just kind of sit on the sidelines when it comes to debates about its future. After all, though I make my living with the Flash Platform, I’m not an Adobe employee and they’re big enough boys to stand up for themselves amidst all […]

Just playing around with an idea for a game timer and thought I’d share the results for anyone who might need something similar. Basically, this is just an ‘odometer’ style scrolling number thing that counts down from a specified number of seconds to 0. It only allows 2 digits, meaning you can only count down […]

A little year end 2D physics fun. Just allow web cam access and use your arrow keys to balance heads on a platter. Kinda like being King Herod without all the mess. [kml_flashembed publishmethod=”static” fversion=”10.0.0″ movie=”http://blog.onebyonedesign.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/heads.swf” width=”500″ height=̶

My wife mentioned something about Spirographs yesterday, so I thought “hey – why not make one in actionscript”. Two seconds of googling found the formulas I was looking for (as well as a nifty java example), and about 10 minutes of coding had something up and running in Flash. Play around with the sliders and […]

A little early Halloween treat. I just love this time of year. By the way, you’ll need your sound on for the full effect. And try moving your mouse across the .swf. For a real Halloween treat, assuming you have about 20 some minutes to kill, I recommend turning off all the lights, turning your […]

So I got an idea into my head while at Flash on the Beach. This quick example I made pretty much has nothing to do with it, but it’s a first draft prototype of what I was thinking of. Anyway, check out these windchimes made with jiglibflash and pv3d. Use your mouse to orbit around […]

Bit of an overcast day today in Brighton, but still fairly comfortable. Started out the day with a bit of a let down. Had to decide between Andre Michelle and Serge Jespers. Unwisely, I picked Jespers who turned out to be a no-show. He was replaced with Mark Doherty who did a fairly good job […]