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FOTB in Review – Day 3

Bit of an overcast day today in Brighton, but still fairly comfortable.

Started out the day with a bit of a let down. Had to decide between Andre Michelle and Serge Jespers. Unwisely, I picked Jespers who turned out to be a no-show. He was replaced with Mark Doherty who did a fairly good job for an unscheduled stand in. He gave a quick run down on designing for web, desktop, and mobile and presented a few good tips (such as using SWiX for data transfer on mobile devices that may choke on xml). Really made me want to look into the whole Open Screen Project / Fund.

Next up was the always inspirational Mario Klingemann, self proclaimed “math groupie”. Not much to say here. It’s a presentation that really needs to be seen. The man is a supergenius and his enthusiasm is truly contagious.

Then came Seb Lee-Delisle with a little look at PV3D usage and “tween engine bashing”. A lot of fun here with some anaglyphic 3D (glasses included) and some micro glow stick motion detection. Finally came a sneak peak at some upcoming features of the incredible Big and Small site.

After lunch came the Jam Throw Down with Grant Skinner showing off his balls, Mario Klingemann wrapping up his lengthy presentation, and Joa Ebert demonstrating his must-be-seen-to-be-believed java to swf compiler (my wife got a great video of this which I’ll post after I whittle it down a bit).

Next came Jared Ficklin’s Seeing Sound presentation with some great tidbits of audio coding. Makes me want to get back into the whole “equalizer craze” that came about with the release of Flash 10.

Finally up was Joshua Davis. This guy is great to see live and we got the pleasant surprise of running into him (almost literally) in the lobby after. He’s a very approachable and down to earth guy. Would’ve liked to have chatted longer but it was definitely a pleasure. The quote of the show: “You can’t innovate unless you fuck around.” True, dat, Joshua.

Already looking forward to next year…

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