May 2010

I’m not sure how I managed to miss this, but I just happened to run across a ‘new’ (well, newish), albeit still unofficial, offering of Google today: text-to-speech. You can see what few details there are on this Techcrunch post. Basically, it just boils down to this though – you send your phrase to be […]

Need some beeps, boops, or bops, to go with your UI or games? Here’s a quickie for you. Got the idea from my Making Waves post. Just mess around with the sliders (or choose a preset), press ‘play’ to preview the sound, and ‘save’ to save the sound locally as a .wav file. There’s a […]

It’s official. My wife just confirmed the hotel reservation where we’ll be staying the night of the Current 93 show in London on May 28. For those unfamiliar with Current 93, they are a band that rose from the depths of the early 80’s British industrial scene with the likes of such greats as Psychic […]

Included in the Flex 4.0 SDK and the, just released, Flash Professional CS5 lies a new hidden little gem of a class: flashx.undo.UndoManager (although the Flex 4.0 SDK’s been out for awhile, I have to admit I didn’t even notice this until I installed Flash CS5 and started poking around the documentation looking for new […]