February 2010

Well another FITC Amsterdam has come and gone and left its indelible mark of energy and inspiration. Thought I’d share a bit of what went on, however I’m writing this from a teensy laptop that came with the flat I’m staying in. It was a much appreciated gesture, but is not very conducive to typing, so this will […]

Just a quickie post to say I’m heading off to FITC Amsterdam tomorrow morning (and rub it in for those who can’t make it. Heh). Still haven’t decided on which presentations to check out (it’s a damn shame they’ve shortened the event to only 2 days and have 4 simultaneous presentations per time slot), or […]

First, let me just say this up front, I will give up Flash when they pry it from my cold dead fingers. When Flash is outlawed only outlaws will code in Actionscript. Add any other cliches you’d like to, here. The point is, I love the Flash Platform and will continue to use it for […]