And for my second blog post of the day, a much more personal note. After about three years of working with, what I would consider as objectively as possible, the best digital agency in Ireland, vStream Digital Media, I have made the immense career decision to leave the agency world and enter the arena of […]

Now that the ordeal is over, I thought I’d take the time to sit down and share my account of what it was like to develop a Blackberry Playbook application using the Adobe Flex SDK. Like many other Actionscript developers out there, when I heard that RIM was giving away free Playbooks to developers who […]

So we finally got a Kinect camera hooked up to a pc at work and, while it doesn’t seem to be legal to use it for commercial projects (but, hey, I’m no lawyer), the boss asked me to get it figured out and come up with some ideas just in case it would be feasible […]

Now, I should begin by saying I absolutely hate building Facebook applications. And I build a lot of them at work. Every time I get the word from above that we’re doing another FB app, I just groan – both inwardly and out. It’s become a running joke of the office. Why do I dislike […]

I am rather pleased and excited to say that I have just completed my first AIR for Android game. Now, I will be the first to admit, it may not be the most exciting game in the world, but it is exactly the type of game I would enjoy (and have enjoyed) playing on the […]

Part I The other day my wife stumbled across this excellent Soulwire post on making glitches in image files and asked if I could do the same thing with video. Without actually reading the blog post, I just said sure, no problem. Well, after actually reading the article, it turned out to be a little […]

Need some beeps, boops, or bops, to go with your UI or games? Here’s a quickie for you. Got the idea from my Making Waves post. Just mess around with the sliders (or choose a preset), press ‘play’ to preview the sound, and ‘save’ to save the sound locally as a .wav file. There’s a […]

It’s official. My wife just confirmed the hotel reservation where we’ll be staying the night of the Current 93 show in London on May 28. For those unfamiliar with Current 93, they are a band that rose from the depths of the early 80’s British industrial scene with the likes of such greats as Psychic […]

As a few folks may have noticed, the blog is looking a little bit different as of today. I figured 2010 would be a good time to completely revamp the old blog, but really didn’t see anything that appealed to me all that much. Then my wonderful wife just happened to run across this new […]

Well another FITC Amsterdam has come and gone and left its indelible mark of energy and inspiration. Thought I’d share a bit of what went on, however I’m writing this from a teensy laptop that came with the flat I’m staying in. It was a much appreciated gesture, but is not very conducive to typing, so this will […]

Just a quickie post to say I’m heading off to FITC Amsterdam tomorrow morning (and rub it in for those who can’t make it. Heh). Still haven’t decided on which presentations to check out (it’s a damn shame they’ve shortened the event to only 2 days and have 4 simultaneous presentations per time slot), or […]

First, let me just say this up front, I will give up Flash when they pry it from my cold dead fingers. When Flash is outlawed only outlaws will code in Actionscript. Add any other cliches you’d like to, here. The point is, I love the Flash Platform and will continue to use it for […]

Well, it took it’s own sweet time getting here, but here it finally is: 2010. No rocket cars or jet backs, but we do have video conferencing, holograms, and the ever increasing cybersprawl that is the web today, so sci fi and cartoons didn’t completely lie to us. And, maybe it’s just me, but it […]

More Halloween fun: Pickled Punk’s Magic Mirror of Horror! A webcam is required. Some features – face detection/augmented reality, and the ability to save images to your local pc or post them  to Twitter via Twitpic (I apologize to my few Twitter and Facebook followers for all the testing/spam). Enjoy!

A little early Halloween treat. I just love this time of year. By the way, you’ll need your sound on for the full effect. And try moving your mouse across the .swf. For a real Halloween treat, assuming you have about 20 some minutes to kill, I recommend turning off all the lights, turning your […]