January 2010

Ordinarily I limit my posts about Flash here to its usage and just kind of sit on the sidelines when it comes to debates about its future. After all, though I make my living with the Flash Platform, I’m not an Adobe employee and they’re big enough boys to stand up for themselves amidst all […]

Just playing around with an idea for a game timer and thought I’d share the results for anyone who might need something similar. Basically, this is just an ‘odometer’ style scrolling number thing that counts down from a specified number of seconds to 0. It only allows 2 digits, meaning you can only count down […]

Well, it took it’s own sweet time getting here, but here it finally is: 2010. No rocket cars or jet backs, but we do have video conferencing, holograms, and the ever increasing cybersprawl that is the web today, so sci fi and cartoons didn’t completely lie to us. And, maybe it’s just me, but it […]