October 2009

More Halloween fun: Pickled Punk’s Magic Mirror of Horror! A webcam is required. Some features – face detection/augmented reality, and the ability to save images to your local pc or post them ┬áto Twitter via Twitpic (I apologize to my few Twitter and Facebook followers for all the testing/spam). Enjoy!

A little early Halloween treat. I just love this time of year. By the way, you’ll need your sound on for the full effect. And try moving your mouse across the .swf. For a real Halloween treat, assuming you have about 20 some minutes to kill, I recommend turning off all the lights, turning your […]

When I saw a tweet from @drwoohoo with a link pointing to this page on how to build a 3d scanner, my first reaction was to jump up and ask the guys here at work where our projector was. Well, as it turns out, unfortunately, our projector has been either misappropriated or misplaced. Not to […]

And now for something completely different… The other day, for reasons I can’t even explain to myself, I googled for metaball examples. No real need, I just rather like the way they look, all blobby and stuff. Well, one of the first things to come up was this nifty example in Java by Gordon Williams. […]