October 2010

The other day I saw someone (@bartek, perhaps?) tweet a link to the JAM Html5 and Flash contest or event or whatever it is. The theme is to create a visual musical instrument in either HTML5 or Flash. Of course I opted on Flash, created a wonderfl account and crafted the below. Basically, it uses […]

Part I The other day my wife stumbled across this excellent Soulwire post on making glitches in image files and asked if I could do the same thing with video. Without actually reading the blog post, I just said sure, no problem. Well, after actually reading the article, it turned out to be a little […]

The other day I sat in on an online dotBrighton talk on openFrameworks by James Alliban. One of the things he happened to mention in the hour or so long talk, was Graffiti Markup Language. Now this wasn’t the first I’d heard of the subject – I heard the term before in a session at […]