Just finished retooling a small package of six user interface tool/widget classes. While not extremely customizable, they are very lightweight (being entirely scripted). And of course you are welcome to mess with the script to produce something more suited to your own application design. You can check out an example here, view the documentation here, and […]

They all said the day would come.. But you know the sorts of things “They” like to say… But after returning from another sisyphean week of floating in the Atlantic, I discovered the Good News in my inbox. Back in December I was one of the lucky few (or many – who knows) who was allowed […]

Wow – what a busy day for Adobe. AIR 1.0 and Flex 3.0 final versions finally released today. Rather an odd thing as it seems I’ve been doing AIR projects for ages. One wonderful thing I noticed right away: after installing the Adobe AIR runtime file (short for Adobe Adobe Integrated Runtime runtime – redundancy aplenty in that […]

So I just signed up for an account with this new Flex based online spreadsheet/database application, blist (“web list”), and my first impression is that this is one hell of a sleek and sexy app. Haven’t actually played with it long enough to guage its usefulness or usability, but it sure is a purty thang. Among other things, […]

Inspired by a forum post over at CreativeIreland, I thought I’d sit down and create a simple AIR application that could read the metadata contained in image files. Unfortunately, reading image metadata turned out to be not as simple as I had hoped. Thankfully, my friend Google turned me on to the wonderful and lightweight […]

Just happened to notice FlashDevelop 3.0.0 Beta 6 was released today. I love this software! A peek at the change log: * General UI and localization fixes and improvements * New Bookmarks panel added for an overview of all your open documents bookmarks * Captures Flash CS3 compiler errors in FD results panel when CS3 […]

Man, the papervision api keeps changing so rapidly, I should get frequent flier miles on my tortoiseSVN for all the downloads. It’s getting hard to keep up. In any case, though, I just had to play with the particle updates made to both the Great White and Effects branches on Feb 10. To do what I […]

I’ve seen this asked several times in as many different forums, so thought I’d try to help with a little class I made a few months ago. /** * Creates an automatically looping video. * @author Devon O. * @version 0.1 */ package com.onebyonedesign.extras { import flash.media.Video; import flash.net.NetConnection; import flash.net.NetStream; import flash.eve

Well, it was just brought to my attention that the youtube video downloader feature of my AIR .flv player, fPlayer, was broken. Doing a 2 minute Google search made it clear that Youtube had, once again, changed the obfuscation algorithm that hides their actual video files. Doing another Google search (about a half hour this time) showed […]

Just a quick test to see if I can get this sliding thumbnail/image viewer thing to work in WordPress.. Here’s hoping… [kml_flashembed movie=”/wp-content/uploads/2008/01/thumbTack.swf” height=”100″ width=”500″ fversion=”9″ /]  Edit: Aha! it does work.. just tricky as hell to implement.. Carry on.. nothing to

While playing around with papervision3d and helping the wife with a little school project, came up with this little mini version of the memory card game. Match up the two halves of each picture while racing the clock. Nice little diversion. Have fun… [kml_flashembed movie=”/wp-content/uploads/2008/01/memory.swf” height=”300″ width=”

One of the groovy things about being a child in the 70’s was playing with the utterly pointless toys of our drug addled parents… [kml_flashembed movie=”/wp-content/uploads/2008/01/lava.swf” height=”800″ width=”300″ fversion=”9″ /]

Originally posted 04NOV07 at onebyonedesign.com Just completed work on a remake of a relatively popular Flash MX2004/AS2 component for use in Flash CS3 / Actionscript 3.0. It gained Adobe approval and hit the exchange on Nov 23. You can download it at the exchange or see an example, get more info and download the .mxp […]