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I am rather pleased and excited to say that I have just completed my first AIR for Android game.

Now, I will be the first to admit, it may not be the most exciting game in the world, but it is exactly the type of game I would enjoy (and have enjoyed) playing on the train or bus or standing around in queue somewhere.

The object is to just use your finger to slide some circular game pieces up the playing board, off some bumpers and down into a scoring area without hitting the end. Think shuffle board or curling around a corner.

Here’s a quick screenshot:


Get the game for free in the Android Marketplace here (click on the QR image if you’re currently browsing on an Android device):


And for the Geek bits.

The game was built for 480×800 resolution and so far only tested on a Galaxy S. If it works or doesn’t work on any other device, please leave a comment either here or in the marketplace.

And for those who care, the physics were done using Box2D. It runs a nice 19 to 24 FPS on my Galaxy. Again, though, any problems or no problems at all with performance, although I may not do anything about it, I’d be interested in hearing.

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