One of the things that really appealed to me about ND2D over the Starling Framework was the ability to scroll textures by manipulating their UV coordinates like this. Obviously this could come in pretty darned handy for space games, side scrollers, etc, etc. Well, as it turns out, doing the same thing is also pretty easy in […]

So, Easter Day, I thought I’d sit down and make a little ‘Paint on an Egg and Send it to Your Friend’ app. Unfortunately, I ran into two main technical difficulties. 1. I couldn’t get the UV seams of the texture to align properly to make a nice seamless painting; and 2. the idea is […]

All right, so a Christmas game like “Santabot vs. The Flying Saucers from Mars” may be a day late (or 364 days early) and a few quid short, but it’s the best I got at the moment. When the good folks at Unity3D announced the beta 3.5 preview version with Flash export I downloaded the […]

Let me begin by saying right up front, I have not given up on Flash. Despite Adobe’s recent PR debacle which I’m sure if you’re reading this, you’re familiar with, I still love Flash and it’s still my bread and butter. When my wife wanted to put together a portfolio site to show off her […]

So after making my Starling Particle Editor, I thought I’d take the time to actually build a little something in the framework. And what better thing than a Zombie Shooting Gallery made with the help of my wonderful wife. It’s a 3 meg download with a boring preloader, but it’s fairly well worth the wait. To […]

So I had a chance this weekend to sit down and play around with Adobe’s new 3D framework for Stage3D, Proscenium, and thought I’d share a few of the results (a word of caution, there are no preloaders for any of the examples and may load a bit slowly). The first shows some reflections and […]

So I finally had time to sit down and have a bit of a play with the Starling 2D framework for Flash’s GPU accelerated Stage3D the other day (as well as read through the extensive and thorough documentation). It looks to me quite promising and certainly fun to play with  (although this tweet from Iain […]

Many moons ago, I got the idea to create some demoscene plane deformation effects in Flash based on the formulas found here: I posted my less than desired results up on wonderfl. Thankfully, fellow wonderfl user, Hasufel, forked my attempt and optimized the hell out of it coming up with this. Well, today, for

And for my second blog post of the day, a much more personal note. After about three years of working with, what I would consider as objectively as possible, the best digital agency in Ireland, vStream Digital Media, I have made the immense career decision to leave the agency world and enter the arena of […]

Yesterday, I saw several posts on good ol’ Twitter pointing out this Frederick McSwain portrait of Tobias Wong created in dice. While not meaning to detract from the personal sentiments and hard work of this intriguing piece of art, I just thought that using dice would be an interesting way to create some ascii images. So, […]

Now that the ordeal is over, I thought I’d take the time to sit down and share my account of what it was like to develop a Blackberry Playbook application using the Adobe Flex SDK. Like many other Actionscript developers out there, when I heard that RIM was giving away free Playbooks to developers who […]

I’ve had so many ideas for blog posts lately (my trip to FITC Amsterdam this year, my experiences with developing a Blackberry Playbook app, etc.), but I’ve been so busy doing all these damn things, I’ve had no time to write it down. So instead of all that good stuff, I humbly present this little […]

So, on Friday I just wrapped up our latest project at vStream Digital Media, a Kinect powered flipbook that lets users flip through the hand written notebooks of Philip Lynott of Thin Lizzy. The app uses OpenNI, runs in Adobe AIR and is currently on display at a pretty bitchin’ Phil Lynott exhibition running in […]

So we finally got a Kinect camera hooked up to a pc at work and, while it doesn’t seem to be legal to use it for commercial projects (but, hey, I’m no lawyer), the boss asked me to get it figured out and come up with some ideas just in case it would be feasible […]

Now, I should begin by saying I absolutely hate building Facebook applications. And I build a lot of them at work. Every time I get the word from above that we’re doing another FB app, I just groan – both inwardly and out. It’s become a running joke of the office. Why do I dislike […]

I am rather pleased and excited to say that I have just completed my first AIR for Android game. Now, I will be the first to admit, it may not be the most exciting game in the world, but it is exactly the type of game I would enjoy (and have enjoyed) playing on the […]