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Old Skool Demoscene FX as 3D Textures

Many moons ago, I got the idea to create some demoscene plane deformation effects in Flash based on the formulas found here: I posted my less than desired results up on wonderfl.

Thankfully, fellow wonderfl user, Hasufel, forked my attempt and optimized the hell out of it coming up with this.

Well, today, for no particular reason at all, I decided to revisit this idea and see how these plane deformations might perform as 3D textures. So, using the latest and greatest Adobe Flash Molehill technology in conjunction with Away3D(broomstick branch), I came up with the following. On my laptop it runs at a steady 50 FPS. Not too shabby.

(Although it says so when you get there, click and drag your mouse around to rotate the camera, use your mousewheel to zoom in and out, and press the space bar to change effects).

Enjoy the EXAMPLE

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