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UI, MXNA, RegEx, and More

Just finished retooling a small package of six user interface tool/widget classes. While not extremely customizable, they are very lightweight (being entirely scripted). And of course you are welcome to mess with the script to produce something more suited to your own application design. You can check out an example here, view the documentation here, and download the .zip file of all the classes here, if interested.

I also just discovered this morning that this blog has been added to the mxna aggregator. Kind of a nerdly thing, but it’s a rather prestigious honor. I’ve been getting most of my news of the Flash/Flex/Actionscript world from the fullasagoog and mxna blogs for what seems like ever, and now my own blog is a member of each. It’s a very nice feeling.

For anyone new to RegEx (or old for that matter), Grant Skinner has just released a cool new Air application to try out. Get more info and the download here. Me, I’m still waiting for an Air version of gModeler for AS3 to come about. What a frabjous day that’ll be.

So, I was just playing around in LinkedIn today (hence the shiny new button in the column to the right) and joined the ShavedPlatypus group as well as the Papervision3D group. If anyone knows of other Actionscript oriented groups on LinkedIn, post a comment here and let me (and the rest of the world) know. I’m really having a helluva time finding any groups at all at that joint.

This may be the last post for a little bit. Currently making things ready for a 2 month underway beginning tomorrow. I’m really not feeling it, to be perfectly honest. On the bright side however, when I return I’ll have a measly 4 months or so left in the navy. Speaking of frabjous days…

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