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BetweenAS3, Through AOS, and Around FOTB

Been extremely busy of late (not complaining), but thought I’d do a quick update post during lunch to get back into the swing of blogging.

First, just finished up a little intro tutorial/article on “Getting Started with BetweenAS3”. For those not familiar with it, BetweenAS3 is a great new tweening engine that’s simple as pie to use and seems to blow other engines out of the water performance wise. You can check out a nice slide show by the engine’s author here. And, if intrigued by that, you can get a gander at the article I wrote over on the TechLabs site. I’m working on a companion piece which goes into more advanced topics on the subject (slicing and scaling tweens, custom easing formulas, registering custom classes, etc). Hopefully that’ll be ready to go by next week. Keep an eye out if interested.

Couple new things to check out over at the Adobe Open Source site recently: The Text Layout Framework for some very great and advanced text control in Flash Player 10 is now a part of the Flex 4 SDK, and the Open Source Media Framework for building modular media players with little effort is now available for download. Haven’t had the opportunity to play around with either yet, but I’m looking forward to checking them both out – especially the OSMF – we do a lot of video work here at the agency where I work.

Finally, just confirmed (with myself, that is) that I’ll be attending Flash on the Beach in Brighton this year. I’m in Flash nerd heaven. Already having trouble picking and choosing which presentations to check out. For everyone else going, though, maybe I’ll see ya there!

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