April 2009

In honor of Samuel Morse’s birthday, thought I’d throw out this quick little “tool”. Now, back to work… package com.onebyonedesign.extras { import flash.utils.Dictionary; /** * Converts strings of letters and numbers to Morse code. * @author Devon O. Wolfgang */ public class Morse { private var _morseDict:Dictionary = new Dictionary(); pu

Seems one of the things I’m asked to do fairly often is provide links to the social apps that all the kids are crazy about these days. Tired of constantly having to rewrite script or look up an api call, I figured I’d sit down and begin accumulating all the basic calls in one handy […]

Well, my wife’s first installation gallery exhibit came to an official close today. She had a great, albeit stressful, time and the response from the general gallery going public were fantastic. I can now officially say that I’m married to an artist. Can’t wait for the next exhibit.     In other news, just updated […]