February 2009

Started out the day with Andre Michelle’s “Boing-Bumm-Tschak (Flash 10 Sound API)” presentation. Very beautiful stuff. The biggest thing learned here is that manipulating sound is not so different from manipulating graphic items. That is, reverb is nothing more thanĀ a basic “easeout” formula and flanging is just elasticity applied to sou

Just got back to the great loft apartment I’m staying at in Amsterdam and thought I’d jot down some impressions thoughts and notes of Day One of the sold out FITC conference while they’re still fresh in me little noggin. First up was the Keynote opening featuring Serge Jespers, Lee Brimelow, Mike Chambers, and Paul […]

Another great American hero gone on February 4. Lux Interior of the Cramps, dead of a heart condition at the age of 62 (God, I’m old)… Rolling Stone news article here and great live video here. Sad day…