July 2008

During my usual daily blog browse, I ran across this interesting contest by Ryan Stewart. The idea, or at least so it seemed to me, was to see if the new method of swf indexing being hammered out by Google and Adobe would be capable of making content loaded dynamically into swf files searchable. Now, […]

For those of you who regularly use swfobject, expressInstall, and swffit (formerly “fitflash”) for your Flash websites/applications, I just developed a couple tools that will make you love me. The first is just a simple html template that can be used with Flash. Download the template here and extract the html file to your HTML directory (on […]

After taking another look at this post, I came up with a way of making multiple windows that will all blur the same image. I have to admit, though, I’m not particularly fond nor proud of the way I did it. The trouble is this: a masked display object can only have a single mask […]

Every Fourth of July, I like to sit down and reflect a little on the meaning of the holiday. You can keep your Christmases, and Thanksgivings – in my opinion, Independence Day is the most important of the American holidays. It’s not just a time to get a day off of work, consume mass quantities of […]

I was checking out a website yesterday when it suddenly reminded me of a Pixelfumes experiment I remembered seeing many moons ago. After finding it with a quick Google search, just for kicks, I decided to play around and update the idea to AS3. I didn’t bother with the constant updating to accomadate video as that seemed […]