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Got User Interface?

When Flash CS3 first appeared, aside from those few provided, good looking UI components were few and far between. It seems that recently, though, you can’t swing a dead cat across cyberspace without hitting some new Flash component or other.

In addition to the scripted ui package I have for offer here, there is now:

  • Liquid Components, created by Didier (“ByteArray”) Brun and built upon the already existing CS3 component architecture. These are easily skinnable in a very Flex like manner.
  • MinimalComps – A minimal UI component set created by Keith (“Bit-101”) Peters and delivered in a Flex packaged .swc file (making them a bit tricky, but not impossible, to use with Flash).
  • And the oft overlooked Astra Flash Components brought to us by Yahoo!. This is a very great set of components including some Flexy charting components for data vis.

If anyone knows of any component sets I missed, post a comment.

What Flash really needs now, though, is some data components. Or am I the only one who misses those that were (are) available for Actionscript 2?

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