More Augmented Reality with HTML5 && Flash

Okay, so my last post was really a bit of a joke. I was just seeing how many of the trendiest tech buzzwords I could get running on a single page, and admittedly, it performed horribly. I did learn something in the process though. If I left the html5 canvas link out of that chain, the Flash / Unity communication was actually quite smooth and ran nicely. Likewise, if I cut out the Unity business, the Flash / HTML communication was grand. So, for my next experiment, I decided to leave out the Unity and do some Flash and HTML5 augmented reality. The results are actually pretty impressive. You can check it out for yourself here or just have a look at the screenshot below.

AR in HTML5 with Flash

A big thanks to Thatcher Ulrich who provided 99.9% of the “3d image in a canvas element” javascript.

And it just goes to show – Flash and HTML5 can play together just fine…