Flash, HTML5, Unity3D, && Augmented Reality

Can’t decide which trendy tech bandwagon to hop onto? Try them all at once!

Okay – so I’d never recommend mixing all this crap together in a real world app, but it was fun just to give it a go and see what would happen. Thought maybe the internet would explode or something.

To see what I’m rambling about, check out the experiment here.

You’ll need this augmented reality marker (just ignore the “right hand”/”left hand” business). When prompted, allow webcam access in the Flash portion of the experiment (bottom left). Hold the marker upside right towards your camera (a green rectangle will appear around the embedded flash when the marker is detected) and spin it like a steering wheel to steer the car in the Unity3D portion of the experiment (top center). The harder you steer, the more purpley the background will appear (that’s the HTML5 canvas bit).

Here’s a little screenshot below for those not interested in being bothered by all the hassle…

tech mash screenshot