Wow – what a busy day for Adobe. AIR 1.0 and Flex 3.0 final versions finally released today. Rather an odd thing as it seems I’ve been doing AIR projects for ages. One wonderful thing I noticed right away: after installing the Adobe AIR runtime file (short for Adobe Adobe Integrated Runtime runtime – redundancy aplenty in that […]

Inspired by a forum post over at CreativeIreland, I thought I’d sit down and create a simple AIR application that could read the metadata contained in image files. Unfortunately, reading image metadata turned out to be not as simple as I had hoped. Thankfully, my friend Google turned me on to the wonderful and lightweight […]

Just happened to notice FlashDevelop 3.0.0 Beta 6 was released today. I love this software! A peek at the change log: * General UI and localization fixes and improvements * New Bookmarks panel added for an overview of all your open documents bookmarks * Captures Flash CS3 compiler errors in FD results panel when CS3 […]

I’ve seen this asked several times in as many different forums, so thought I’d try to help with a little class I made a few months ago. /** * Creates an automatically looping video. * @author Devon O. * @version 0.1 */ package com.onebyonedesign.extras { import; import; import; import flash.eve

Not sure exactly how useful this effect may be, but here’s a little something I was playing around with and thought I’d share. Example: [kml_flashembed movie=”../wp-content/uploads/2008/01/sinewriterexample.swf” height=”400″ width=”500″ fversion=”9″ /] The Working Class: /** * SineWriter class writes out mess

This has got to be the longest preloader ever – the amount of time I have left until I’m out of the Navy: [kml_flashembed movie=”/wp-content/uploads/2008/01/lifeloader.swf” height=”100″ width=”250″ fversion=”9″ /] Which reminds me – here’s a handy AS3 class to create a countdown from now until som

Here’s another old bit of script most likely missed by most folks. Mainly reposting here as I’m still excited by the novelty of this WordPress thing. But for anyone who hasn’t seen it, it may come in handy. I know I’ve used it myself quite a few times.. /** * Singleton Tool Tip class […]

Originally posted 29NOV07 on It seems since the release of AS3, there has been much public debate on how to construct a good Singleton. For those wondering, the Singleton is a design pattern which allows for only a single instantiation of a particular class to take place. This is particularly useful for manager objects […]

It’s an old effect we’ve all seen before, but still seems popular these days. Here’s a little Actionscript 3 implementation: The effect class: /** * Randomly cycles the letters/numbers of the message property passed to it in the constructor. * @author Devon O. */ package com.onebyonedesign.extras { import; import fl