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Jiglibflash + Augmented Reality (Take Two)

Finally had a bit of time to play some more with this combination of the jiglibflash physics engine and augmented reality and thought it was time to post.

Use this marker to check out the example below. You can work the ball through the maze by actually tilting the marker paper around. It can be a bitch at times, but play around with different camera positions (you’ll definitely want it up high looking down) and rotate the marker paper about a bit and it will work. This time instead of tilting the ground plane, I just applied a world force to the ball depending on the rotation of the AR environment (check out my last post for a little bit more of a technical breakdown).

Once cleaned up, I might release the code. It’s a bit of a mess at the moment.

[kml_flashembed fversion=”9.0.0″ movie=”” targetclass=”flashmovie” publishmethod=”static” width=”640″ height=”480″]Get Adobe Flash player


In other news, after spending 3 days this past weekend trying to pound out an Actionscript 3.0 based QR Code reader, I happened to notice a Tweet from @quasimondo pop up on Destroy Twitter saying to check out the new AS based QR Code reader in the libspark project here. It actually works quite well. The bastards. Just wasted a nice weathered 3 day weekend. But it’s the Japanese, so what can one expect. While those of us in Europe and the States oooh and aaahh over Augmented Reality, in Japan all you have to do is think of what you want for lunch and it will be served to you by a 6 foot tall pink robot bunny dressed in a skimpy school girl outfit at the nearest karaoke bar. That’s just how the Japanese roll…

Something else to check out while I’m thinking of it: Hexosearch. A search engine made especially for actionscript developers. Hasn’t picked up much, yet, but if it does, it should be pretty cool.

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