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You know, you’d think with all the 3D crap I’ve been playing with lately that I actually like the stuff. I’m really not that into 3D work in Flash. I just had to try out Augmented reality when it first came around and seemed to get sucked into it all. I guess it really is […]

Just finished work on a simple little bowling game using the JiglibFlash physics engine and Papervision3D. It’s not a fully functional game as there are no frames or score keeping, but it was made as an example file for a tutorial so was deliberately kept simple. To play, first click on the little green rectangle […]

So I just got my grubby little paws on Keith Peters’┬álatest book, “Advanced Actionscript 3.0 Animation”. I couldn’t even get past chapter 2 before I had to try out some stuff on my own. Chapter 2 is all about steering behaviours for AI animated movement. If you’re not familiar with the concept of steering behaviours, […]