Yahtzee! Too Late for a Contest, but Never too Late to Play

Long ago and an ocean away, I made a nice little Yahtzee game in Flash that many folks (myself included) seemed to love. Unfortunately, “something” (I never did come around and track down exactly what that something was) broke the hiscore saving script around the same time Flash 8 appeared (yes, this was back late MX 2004 days). Well, no one likes playing an online game if you can’t save a high score, so interest quickly dwindled.

I always told myself I’d make a new version at some later date when, just the other day, I happened to see an online game creation contest posted by dice.com. Well, here I’ve been floating around off the eastern U.S. for the past fortnight or two with nothing to do but go slowly mad so I figured this was the perfect opportunity for my Yahtzee game rekindling. Unfortunately, I apparently don’t read real good as, after 3 days of fiddling around with this thing in my spare time, I discovered the contest ended on July 21 (I could have sworn the rules said the 27th). I really believe staying too long on a ship at sea corrodes intelligence. Everyone just shuffles around in sensory and sleep deprived stupor. Of course this is the military…

In any case, at least this little project kept me sane for the past three days. Go ahead and give it a whirl. Everyone loves a good game of Yahtzee