Warp Filter for Starling

So, perusing teh internets once again, looking for something interesting to play around with, I came across this blog post of Pavan Podila (from 2008!). In the post, Pavan presents a WPF pixel shader which warps an image using bezier curves. I thought I’d have a go and reproduce the effect in AGAL and plunk it into a Starling filter. Essentially, the filter adds 8 control/anchor points to the filtered display object – 4 on the left edge and 4 on the right. You can move those points from 0 (far left) to 1 (far right) and the image will warp and curve to fit those points. You can check out the end product here. In theory, with a little patience and finesse, you could animate those points to create a nice looking Mac style genie effect. Or, whatever.

As I was working on that filter, though, I realized I had a decent sized Starling filter collection built up and spread out all over the shop. For that reason, I decided to put them all together and upload them to Github. So, now, you can download all the filters I’ve posted about (and one or two that I haven’t), including the Warp Filter demonstrated here, over on Github.

When I get some time, I’ll upload some tests to make it easy to see what each one can do. In the meantime, though, you’re welcome to have at, as is.