So I just signed up for an account with this new Flex based online spreadsheet/database application, blist (“web list”), and my first impression is that this is one hell of a sleek and sexy app. Haven’t actually played with it long enough to guage its usefulness or usability, but it sure is a purty thang. Among other things, it allows users to upload a preexisting csv file to create a new blist db, it allows photos, checkmarks, star ratings and lists as column/data types and makes very easy user generated queries. What I’m hoping it has is an external api. Perhaps one could make a desktop interface in AIR or another flex/flash app that taps into the information stored inside a blist account. Hell, it might actually be used as a CMS for a different front end project. Even without an accessible api, though, it definitely looks interesting and deserves further investigation.

 Check out a video here for more info.