Beach Ball Kinect Party

So we finally got a Kinect camera hooked up to a pc at work and, while it doesn’t seem to be legal to use it for commercial projects (but, hey, I’m no lawyer), the boss asked me to get it figured out and come up with some ideas just in case it would be feasible to use in the future.

So, my first go: A Kinect Beach Ball Party. You can see the video of it below.

Technically speaking, this is using Flash, Box2D, and OpenNI for Kinect integration.

NOTE: there seem to be two distinct paths to follow if you want to delve into the world of Kinect and PC – OpenNI and OpenKinect. It’s a shame that someone smarter than myself doesn’t merge the two as there are capabilities of each I’d like to use. For example, I love being able to get the skeleton data with OpenNI, but I’d also like access to the regular RGB image data that you can get with OpenKinect. Ah well. Only been at it now for a day – I’m sure there’s something I’m overlooking.


Yes, this is what I get paid to do…

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